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Breaking News (Sun Jun 26 19:00:01 GMT 2022)

Breaking News (Sun Jun 26 13:45:01 GMT 2022)

Ukraine Daily Summary - Sunday, June 26

Zelensky says current sanctions against Russia are not enough, after 45 rockets hit Ukraine -- Russian military reportedly kidnaps families of Ukrainian soldiers -- Overnight airstrike on Ukraine from Belarus is Russia’s attempt to draw Belarus into war -- Russia’s shelling damages subcritical nuclear reactor in Kharkiv -- Russia to give Belarus Iskander-M systems which could carry nuclear weapons -- and more

GIB board crisis is more than it's held out to be

Situation exposes fundamental economic issues

Московский «ГлавClub» отменил выступления Манижи, «Несчастного случая» и Anacondaz. Ранее исполнители высказались против войны

Breaking News (Sun Jun 26 9:45:01 GMT 2022)

Страны G7 откажутся от российского золота

Новые зубные щетки для детей US4800 от Revyline доступны с доставкой на "Ирригатор.ру"

By ra-prJune 26, 2022RA-PR

Эффективные средства для зубов Biorepair со скидкой 20% на "Ирригатор.ру"

By ra-prJune 26, 2022RA-PR

Жилой дом в Киеве подвергся обстрелу

Мужчына інсцэнізаваў самагубства, каб разыграць сям’ю. Цяпер яму пагражае тэрмін

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