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useless constantly tired & bored bookwyrm disaster enbian who weaves wor/l/ds & translates (fr<->en) sometimes | sha/ouaieltch | not living in the real world | time queer fragmented s/h/elves | endlessly curious, always learning & unlearning shit



🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️:heart_sp_nb: queer artist -
american from the us, unfortunately.
leftist or anarchist? i just think the current system needs to be destroyed and built anew.
obsessions include art (everything.. #poetry, #writing, #photography, #DigitalArt, #TraditionalArt, etcetera), #rocks, light, #shadows, #filmprocessing, #nature, #woodwork, #metalwork, gardening.. basically everything diy? i miss #filmphotography and film processing, i think that is absolute favorite medium.

Émy, protocole d'autobully ⚧♿️

Saboteuse méticuleuse. Cybermeuf de 27 ans.

∴ Émy/fem ∴ fr/en speaker

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Meuf trans pluri-handicapée précaire, cripple punk, mécanicienne amatrice d'aides à la mobilité, technicienne d'infortune, bidouilleuse compulsive.

Intérêts : anarcho-syndicalisme, anti-fascisme, comprendre les différents mécanismes d'oppression, éduc-pop, handicaps & anti-validisme, informatique, mécanique, lecture (politique, SF, comics indé, mangas), écriture, musique, JV, trans-culture, chiens, etc.

Si vous avez des intérêts communs, n'hésitez pas à venir discuter avec moi :)

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« je dois avouer que j'étais pas prête » - Tif&n
« Grat grat slut » - freyja
« mais quelle forceuse jpp x) » - bram
« Je fini dans beaucoup trop de bio sans le faire exprès jpp >:( » - bram


`````--- A club
--- We compete in innovative ways to use swear words and insults of any kind...
--- Every post has to be offensive
--- Every conversation message has to have at least one swear word
--- We talk to each other with swears insults
--- We favour F U ways of expressing
--- We will make competitions of most imaginative insulting post or message
--- Rules are simple...
--- Let's start
--- Easy to join
--- If you are nice, you get the boot


Witch of many books, library succubus, ravenous bookwyrm ~

Mostly culture-focused account of Alex Q ✨

Account in WIP, see pinned toots for informations :)

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Human Collider .|

Biohacktiviste Indiscipliné
né en 339 ppm de CO₂ atmosphérique

Undisciplined Biohackitivist
born in 339 ppm of atmospheric CO₂


Cartoonist/illustrator, hobbyist programmer and musician.


A lazy reader with dubious tastes.

Milouchkna | *tired* (as always)

useless constantly tired bookwyrm disaster enbian who weaves wor/l/ds & translates (fr<->en) sometimes (current project being a somewhat large selection of delany's essays and interviews, mostly related to sf (first translated draft finished)) | sha/ouaieltch (don't refer to me in french anymore lol)
not living in the real world | time queer fragmented s/h/elves
endlessly curious, always learning & unlearning shit
toot/rt nsfw stuff sometimes :18_plus:

[id: profile pic is ginko looking at mushis. header pic is someone lying (presumably face down, as we only see their hand) on the ground surrounded by mushis]

Alex Q

Transféministe, cyber-goudou, autiste, anar, kinky, adoratrice de chats, de livres et de pizza :blob_cat_mlem:

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IS / passionnée de :
JV: Switch, Pokémon, Dofus
:books: BD{anything goes}, littératures de l'imaginaire (#TheWanderingInn)
Animation: Steven Universe :sparkles:

Queer, TSA, NA, Handi, anarcho-féminisme, BDSM, sexe (sur compte lewd).

Toot mostly in french
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bookwyrm disaster who weaves wor/l/ds sometimes | she/they/sha (en) ouaielle/elle + féminin (fr)
not living in the real world | time queer fragmented s/h/elves
former bookbinder apprentice
endlessly curious, always learning (& unlearning shit)


Je parle souvent de littérature, de cuisine, de séries.
J'aime les arts et la culture sous toute ses formes.
J'aime découvrir.
J'aime le silence, le calme.
Compte de secours : @natalia