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Ukraine Daily Summary - Wednesday, July 20

Russia preparing to annex Ukrainian territories -- Russia struggles to sustain effective offensive combat power, problem becoming increasingly acute -- Russia forcibly deports 108 Ukrainian orphans from Donetsk Oblast, places them for adoption -- Ukraine preparing to ‘destroy’ Russia’s Black Sea fleet, de-occupy Crimea -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Wednesday, July 13

Russia does not have courage to admit defeat, withdraw from Ukraine -- Ukrainian forces destroy 5 Russian ammunition depots, military base on July 12 -- 16 ships enter Ukrainian ports for grain -- Lithuania calls on West to cut economic ties with Russia -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Sunday, July 10

Russia, Belarus want to recruit Latvian officials -- 21,677 alleged Russian war crimes under investigation -- Russia intends to annex Kharkiv Oblast, has territorial ambitions beyond Donbas -- Russian forces ‘blackmail’ parents to send children to pro-Russian schools -- and more

Ukraine Daily Thursday, June 23

Russian troops kidnap people in Energodar en masse -- Oil refining completely stopped in Ukraine -- Russian collaborator's car blown up in Kherson Oblast -- Russia shells residential areas of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast with cluster munitions -- Perception of Putin lowest in 20 years -- and more

Ukraine Daily Wednesday, June 22

Russian forces strike first checkpoint of Azot chemical plant -- Radical reshuffling’ of Russian military command structure may indicate ‘ongoing dysfunction’ -- Ukrainian coastal defense neutralizes Russia's ability for naval control -- Russian forces suffer “significant losses” after Ukrainian strike on Snake Island -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Sunday, 19 June 2022

Russia makes ‘marginal gains’ near Sievierodonetsk, stall offensives elsewhere -- Russia pulls all reserves to Luhansk Oblast, massive offensives expected in coming days -- Russia renews attempts to advance south of Izium, Kharkiv Oblast -- Russia distributes newspapers in occupied areas falsely claiming ‘Ukrainian panic’ -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Friday, 17 June 2022

Russia moves its citizens to occupied territories in Ukraine -- Children born after Feb. 24 in occupied Kherson Oblast will be forced to get Russian citizenship -- Ukrainian intelligence says it has detailed specs of Crimean Bridge linking peninsula with Russia -- Russian forces severely undermanned -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Thursday, 16 June 2022

Counteroffensive can end by September if all necessary weapons are provided to Ukraine -- Russia has damaged or destroyed over 380 cultural heritage sites in Ukraine since Feb. 24 -- Police say they prevented terrorist attack on Ukraine’s leadership -- Russian troops shell residential areas of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast with Uragan rocket launchers -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Wednesday, 15 June 2022

Pentagon official says Putin still hopes to capture all of Ukraine -- Ukraine won’t use long-range weapons to attack Russia -- Explosions reported in Russian-occupied Nova Kakhovka, Kherson Oblast -- Ukraine has received 10% of arms requested from West -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Tuesday, 14 June 2022

Russia uses banned, untested weapons in Ukraine, breaking international law -- Global nuclear arsenal to expand for first time since Cold War -- 5 Russian warships carrying cruise missiles remain in Black Sea -- Russia destroys all bridges leading to Sievierodonetsk -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Sunday, 12 June 2022

Intense fighting continues in Sievierodonetsk -- Up to 300,000 tonnes of grain in warehouses destroyed by Russia -- UN commission arrives in Ukraine to investigate crimes related to Russia's war -- Russian forces resume attacks southwest of Izium and towards Sloviansk -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Friday, 10 June 2022

Putin says Russia’s aim is to acquire new territories -- Russian unit in Kharkiv region refuses to fight -- Missile that hit Zhytomyr Oblast on June 9 ‘could have been launched from Belarus’ -- Russia uses kamikaze drones to drop bombs on villages in Sumy Oblast -- and more