and sometimes the stars remember...*

and stars especially need not to explain themselves… do they?

the gorgeous cover of The Necessity of Stars by E. Catherine Tobler…

so this time i’m gonna be talking about my latest comfort reading, an all too short story, The Necessity of Stars by E. Catherine Tobler published at neon hemlock, a sf novella that i can very much describe as a queer burst! (that can also falls under the new weird genre, i’m guessing)

we follow the tale of a chance encounter between brèone, an aging UN diplomat, and tura, a shadowy alien with the ability to “chimeraze” with other living beings. it’s a very delightful and moving sapphic love story, with brèone and delphine, an (also aging) neighbor of hers and a scientist that had been sharing her life for forty years now.

it’s also a story of remembrance, plagued as brèone is by oblivion. and so hazy memories of a past and of things not yet collide here, with the earth unravelling more and more, with climate apocalypse not only on the horizon but actual reality… the waters rose ect… (well ya already know) but brèone and delphine find these pockets that strive as if they’re remembering their past.

this text is full to the brim with longing, with poetry in a dying world, and the narration twists, coils and unfurls. will this encounter serve to save this world? here, we don’t know and that’s the beauty of it… we can only hope!

en bref: une histoire émouvante, queer à souhait dans les deux sens du terme, si courte qu’on en redemande!

(in short: an all too short and moving queerest (in both meanings) story, oh so short we ask for moar! moar please! )

and so, remember the stars! hopefully

niveau d’emmerdement: c’est tellement court qu’on peut pas s’ennuyer… et encore une fois pas de note!

ps: *title is in reference to a song that i very much love, in addition to the gorgeous animated video: sometimes the stars by the audreys