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Almalinux Live Media Wiki

Almalinux is a clone of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Instructions for using 'Live ISO images' are in the wiki.

Almalinux 9 Live ISO images

Almalinux is a clone of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9. It is supported until May 18, 2032.

Almalinux 8 Live ISO images

Almalinux is a clone of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8. It is supported until May 7, 2029.

Argentina, eternally in crisis and trained in resilience, clearly has an opportunity, and the worsening of the situation may be pushing the country toward a resolution, even if certain politicians do all they can to resist it.

For the first time in quite a while, the rest of the world seems headed down a similar path as Argentina, with inflation looking increasingly uncontrollable and a looming recession that will hit both rich and poor nations alike.

Argentina: Massa becomes third economy minister

Tough economical challenges ahead.

Argentina pledges end of money printing to battle 60% inflation

New Economy Minister announces plan to slow down Argentina’s financial crisis hours after he was sworn in. Sergio Massa says he will stop money printing to slow inflation.

DuckDuckGo browser now blocks all third-party Microsoft trackers

DuckDuckGo announced today that they will now be blocking all third-party Microsoft tracking scripts in their privacy browser after failing to block them in the past.

Fedora 37 news (october - november 2022)

An Early Look at Fedora Linux 37 on Raspberry Pi 4.

Argentina: Massa orders immediate spending limits in first step

Some local markets nonetheless appeared encouraged by the latest developments. Argentine stocks and bonds, as well as the peso currency, edged higher on Thursday, led by the Merval stock index, which rose by as much as 1.1% in the session before closing essentially flat. Meanwhile, the parallel black market peso gained 1.7% to trade at 293 per U.S. dollar, while over-the-counter sovereign bonds rose 0.8%.

Burma: the ruling army has extended the state of emergency in force since the coup in February 2021 for another six months

This was reported by the official media.

Kosovo, tensions at the border with Serbia over the ban on Belgrade documents and licence plates

Measures postponed by one month

Il Congresso USA sostiene l'invio di missili a lungo raggio all'Ucraina

Ma la Casa Bianca e il Pentagono frenano.